Like some Easy Shopping?

Hey! shopping at _blaenk is a little different. Easier. Faster. More relaxed. We call it Easy Shopping. This is how it works!

Step 1

Scan Codes

Scan the QR Codes next to the products with your smartphone.

Step 2

Pick Products

Look around and simply put the wanted products into your virtual shopping cart.

Step 3

Easy Checkout

Simply pay for your products online. We will pack your items for you straight away, or even send them home to you. No queuing at checkout.

Choose between delivery or pickup in the store at the checkout. Easy.

With ‘Pickup’ your items will be packed and ready to go within the next 60 minutes at the pickup counter! In most cases even earlier.

No smartphone with you? No big deal. Grab a real basket and shop like you always do. You just pay at the checkout counter.